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Corporate Governance Structure


The Board of Directors of U-Ming is responsible for determining the direction of the company and minimizing operating risks. U-Ming has Supervisors who assist the Board in making decisions based on a neutral position and dividing responsibilities based on their professional expertise. Moreover, the Independent Compensation Committee is set up to stipulate and review the remuneration policies for directors and managerial officers. It aims to establish a comprehensive remuneration management system and perfect the corporate governance structure. There are Administration Division, Accounting Division, Financial Division, Business Division, Engineering & Materials Division, Marine Division, and Occupational Safety & Health Division under the President. U-Ming adopts network management of a horizontal organization, so as to improve information dissemination and working efficiency. In this way, U-Ming may seize the market opportunities more quickly.


Certificate of Corporate Governance System

U-Ming has been awarded the Certificate of Corporate Governance System CG6005 from Taiwan Corporate Governance Association (TCGA). 

Certificate of Corporate Governance System CG6005