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CSR Principles & Directives

Sustainable Development Team

U-Ming sets up the sustainable development team to promote corporate social responsibilities (CSR). The Board is responsible for pushing the practice of social responsibilities. The department heads are authorized to work out the management schemes related to the environment, society and governance based on the "Corporate CSR Code of Practice" passed by the Board, the annual goals and the critical issues that the stakeholders are concerned about, which should also be reported to the Board regularly. The Board will determine the sustainable development goals by voting, while the departments are responsible for implementing them. Finally, the Planning Department should sort the proposals and compile the CSR reports to disclose the achievements in detail.



International partnerships
With the ever-changing ship technology, we actively participate in the external organizations to keep a closer connection with industries in the society. Domestically, we actively take part in the activities held by ship associations. Internationally, U-Ming has participated in the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), which aims at developing and promoting energy-saving and carbon reduction for sustainable operations, new technologies and innovations that can promote environmental protection. U-Ming will also contribute the knowledges to reduce the impact of shipping activities towards marine ecology.




U-Ming makes efforts in preserving marine ecology together with the globally renowned enterprises
》The member enterprises make a commitment of changing to a diverse mix of energy sources, using resources more eciently and responsibly, and dramatically reducing greenhouse gas intensity.

》The member enterprises make a commitment of providing safe, healthy and secure work environments so that people want to work in shipping, where they can enjoy rewarding careers and achieve their full potential.

》The member enterprises make a commitment of earning the reputation of being a trusted and responsible partner in the communities where we live, work and operate.

》The member enterprises make a commitment of developing nancial solutions that reward sustainable performance and enable large-scale uptake of innovation, technology, design and operational eciencies.

》The member enterprises make a commitment of transparency and accountability drive performance improvements and enable better, sustainable business decision-making.

》The member enterprises make a commitment of proactively contributing to the responsible governance of the oceans.