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CSR Report


2016-10-18 / CSR Performance

For concerning the details of CSR performance and operating units, please download the attached PDF file.
2015 csr report cover

2016-06-29 / 2015 U-Ming CSR report

For the next five years, U-Ming will continue to strengthen the fleet with environmental-friendly features in order to achieve greater fuel efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions thus protecting the environment and adhering to the international conventions and standards. Meanwhile, the compa...
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2015-06-30 / 2014 U-Ming CSR report

U-Ming has been encouraging all staff to be proactive in identifying practical and innovative solutions to pressing environmental challenges in order to excel ourselves into responsible corporate citizens ie. a “Benefit Corporation”. We cannot afford to have our business growing at all costs with...
2013csr ch 1

2014-06-30 / 2013 U-Ming CSR report

As a member of the global shipping industry, U-Ming has a responsibility to protect the environment and stakeholder interests. Besides maximizing shareholder profits, the company also needs to protect the environment, actively participate in social and charity work, maintain good relations with s...
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2013-06-30 / 2012 U-Ming CSR report

U-Ming Marine Transport Corp. has set the goal of 2012 to have business strategy developed combining with marine environmental protection as well as energy saving and carbon reduction. We will continue to make commitment to protect environment and community in the future by taking actions to demo...