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Staff Training

U-Ming creates a favorable environment for career development, and establishes educational training programs for the employees. Every year, we conduct various trainings programs for new recruits, language training, professional training and external training.

A total of 1,641 hours of training course for Onshore employee were provided in 2017.


Education and Training


① Orientation
The training for new recruits aims to help those without experience in the shipping industry to understand related industrial knowledge and the operation of U-Ming departments quickly. We conducted five-day training for new recruits in 2017 for 11 new employees, including 2 from Xiamen subsidiary and 2 from Singapore subsidiary.

② Language training
U-Ming also organizes various English programs, encouraging the employees to participate in the international English Toastmasters Club. This helps employees to improve their English and create a learning atmosphere in the office.


③ Professional training - Onshore employee

Based on the demands of work, we arrange professional training courses, including marine, engineering, market related, finance and CSR training courses.


③ Professional training - Sea crew

U-Ming conducts ISM Code training and various on-shore training courses every year, so the ship-to-shore employees can be familiar with the working environment and improve safety management. All ISM Code trainings are held abroad since 2017, including 3 in Xiamen and 1 in the Philippines. The participants were the officers, ratings and interns. Besides the ISM Code, we also provide other on-shore trainings as listed in the table below:


④ External training

Based on the individual development potentials, the employees may participate in study courses held by the HR Development Center of the Group's affiliates.