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The Director of EPA, Mr Lee Ying-yuan, pose for a pictures with delegates and guests

2016-11-09 / US and Asian Countries Visit Taiwan to Exchange Enforcement Experiences to Put an End to Water Pollution

The IEP was officially launched in 2014 by the Taiwan EPA and its founding partner, the US EPA, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Through a simple partnership concept and a diverse approach to cooperation, the IEP Program has formed a network of expert platforms in the region and around the world dedicated to address common environmental challenges such as climate change, environmental law enforcement, and environmental education, and to improve the coping capacity of schools, communities and countries, and accumulate the results of environmental improvement at the regional and international levels.

US and Asian Countries Visit Taiwan to Exchange Enforcement Experiences to Put an End to Water Pollution The Taiwan EPA will co-host Strategies and Practices for Water Pollution Enforcement Workshop with the USEPA and AECEN in Taipei on November 8-10 with a total of about 70 participants from 15 nations. Officials of the Taiwan EPA, local bureaus of environmental protection, and scholars will attend the workshop as well.
The workshop is one of the activities under the International Environmental Partnership Program (IEP) this year. During the three-day agenda, participants will discuss and exchange experiences in the issues of “Control Strategy of Water Pollution”, “Water Pollution Inspection Practices”, “Technology used in Water Pollution Inspection and Practice”, “Water Pollution Control and Enforcement: Status and Challenges and Success Stories in Asian Countries”, and ”Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network”.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Taiwan EPA Minister Ying-Yuan Lee, said that our efforts in water pollution enforcement in recent years have spared no effort, and we have established a full range of enforcement strategies and practical experience and are willing to share our experience in environmental protection with other countries. We are looking forward to strengthening cooperation with Southeast Asian countries in environmental law enforcement and assisting these countries in protecting the environment while developing their economies. This workshop is to provide a platform for this purpose. We can establish a good partnership to work together for the protection of the Earth through the exchange of experiences in water pollution enforcement.