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Occupational Safety & Health Management

The Occupational Safety Committee composed 7 committee members in total (including 4 management representatives from U-Ming Taipei and 3 labor representative selected from 64 labor representatives of nonsenior managers). It is responsible for the following items based on the Occupational Safety & Health Act:

》Occupational Disaster Prevention Plan and Emergency Response Plan
》Labor safety and health audit, management and inspection
》Labor safety and health training and safety & health consultation
》Investigation and statistical analysis of occupational disasters such as illnesses, injury, disability, and death
》The information of labor safety & health data and suggestions; as well as other affairs related to labor safety & health issues


In addition, to guarantee the seamen employment labor condition (such as the accommodation, health & medical care, working & off-duty hours, and social safety protection benefits), we joined the Singapore and Hong Kong Seamen's Union, and signed the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). 100% of the seamen under the Singapore flag and 100% of the seamen under the Hong Kong flag are covered in the CBA, in which the health and safety related topics account for about 6%.


Onshore employee - Office safety

U-Ming Taipei is located in the 29F of Far Eastern Plaza, so we are much concerned about high building evacuation in case of earthquake or fire. We follow the guidelines of the Far Eastern Building Management Center to conduct fire drills periodically. Additionally, we set up a "reporting team, fire extinguishing team, guidance team, and first-aid team", all of which undergo professional training for such emergency situations. For more details of policies and regulations which related to safety management can be seen in the table below. In 2017, no work-related injury accident, disability and death occurred to any of the employees, with the Injury Rate (IR) and Occupational Disease Rate (ODR) at 0%.



Sea crew - Marine safety

The occupational safety risk of marine work is much higher than that on shore due to sever climate and inconvenient medical conditions on board. We established the Safety Discipline Officer Team (SDO) in April last year (2016) in order to reduce maritime incidents. The team members visit the ships regularly. By discovering and improving the deficiencies, it creates a culture of safety within the fleet. In 2017, the SDO team conducted field visits for a total of 17 times, which found 289 deficiency items on 15 ships. All ships have to improve the deficiency items within one month. For those items that couldn't be improved on ship, it should be fixed during ship repair. The time before the next ship repair should not be more than 36 months. Currently almost all deficiency items have been improved. Three seafarer injury incidents occurred, without death or disability case in the year of 2017. The accident injury rate was greatly lower than that of the previous year.