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Occupational Safety & Health Management

We have established the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Committee by law. Currently, the committee is seated by seven members (including four management representatives from U-Ming Taipei and three labor representatives, the latter are selected from 64 labor representatives who are not from the senior management). With respect to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the OHS Committee aims to:

Office Safety


Our headquarters is on the 29th floor of the Taipei Metro Tower. Therefore, high-rise earthquake and fire evacuation is the topic that concerns us most. Apart from organizing fire drills in coordination with the Taipei Metro Tower management center, we have established the: a fire handling unit with a reporting team, fire extinguishing team, guidance team, defense team, and first-aid team. Each team member receives respective professional training for emergency needs. We have also established various policies and regulations in relation to safety management to raise the safety awareness of employees. In 2018, no work-related injury, disability and death incident was reported, and both the injury rate (IR) and occupational diseases rate (ODR) were 0%.



Safety on Board


Onboard safety Due to constant weather changes and inconvenient medical services, onboard OHS risk onboard is way higher than that of onshore OHS risk onboard. We began the collaborative development of the “Digital FSM System” with Ericsson as of 2016. By the end of 2018, we equipped all proprietary ships with the system to significantly enhance ship safety. We have also formed the Safety Discipline Officer Team (SDO) to reduce man-made defects by onboard inspections. In addition, to protect the rights and interest of sea crews, including working conditions, food and accommodation, medical and health care, working and rest time, and social security, we have participated in the Singapore Seamen’s Union and the Hong Kong Seamen’s Union and signed the “collective bargaining agreement” (CBA). All sea crews onboard of a Singapore-registered ship and all sea crews onboard of a Hong-Kong-registered ship are covered by the CBA, in which OHS topics account for about 6%. In 2018, a total of four work-related injury incidents on sea crews were reported, while there was no death, disability, and occupational diseases.