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Labor-Employer Relations

Our Team
The number of U-Ming's employees was 887 by the end of 2017. Of those, 97 employees served on land which managed by the HR division while 790 people worked on board and managed by the Seafarer Division.





Onshore employee
We have 95 full time employees and 2 contractors (2 males), working in the land (including HO and Singapore/Xiamen subsidiaries). In 2017, a total of 16 employees were newly recruited, while 12 employees resigned. The turnover rate is about 12%. Local hiring ratio of senior managers in Taiwan was 82%, while 100% in Singapore and Xiamen.







Sea crew
There were a total of 39 ships under U-Ming's operation and management by the end of 2017. The seamen from Taiwan, China, Philippines and Singapore were hired, and were all employed under contract. Each ship was assigned with about 18~24 seamen. We provided more jobs for seamen with the increase of our fleet (there were 6 more ships than the previous years in 2017).