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Labor-Employer Relations

Our Team
Employees are divided by the type of work into two types: onshore employees and sea crews. The former is administered by the HR Division, while the latter by the Seafarer Division. By December 31, 2018, the total number of employees was 882 persons, including 106 onshore employees and 776 sea crew members.

Recruitment and Turnover

We constantly expand our fleets and business territory and recruit professionals in various fields. We collaborate with colleges and universities and offer internship opportunities. We also offer job openings to help retired servicemen return to the job market. In 2018, we received a reward at NT$100,000 from Taipei City Veterans Service Department, VAC Services for our support of the government’s “Project for Assistance with Employment
Stabilization for Retired Servicemen”. By the end of 2018, we recruited a total of 147 new employees, including 12 onshore employees and 135 sea crews. About 75% of onshore employees were 31-50 years old, while all sea crews were aged 50 or below, and most of them are Chinese or Filipinos. Our 2018 employee turnover was about 5.91%.
The main reasons for exit include family needs and personal career planning. With respect to the content of exit interviews and recommendations, we also timely adjusted our personnel management system to reduce the turnover rate.

Onshore Employees

Onshore employees, totaling 106, include employees working at headquarters (HQ), the Singapore subsidiary, and the Xiamen subsidiary. Among all 106 onshore employees, 100 are full-time employees, and the other six are either contract employees or with disabilities. The workforce structure is healthy, as most employees are from the middle-aged generation. Because of the nature of work and job specificity, specialties such as machinery and navigation are required. As a result, it is very common in the business that most employees are male. To maintain employee diversity, we hire talents of different nationalities, while over 80% of senior management members of the parent company and subsidiaries are hired locally (Taiwan: 82%; Singapore: 100%; Xiamen: 100%).



Sea crew

We operate and manage a total of 39 ships, each has a crew of 18 to 24 seamen, who are all contract employees. By December 31, 2018, there were 776 seamen, and 463 of them are middle-aged seafarers, accounting for 59.66%. By nationality, there were seamen from Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Singapore, and Myanmar. Most of them, 446, are from China, accounting for 57.47%.