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Career Development

We provide a work environment with equal opportunities and equal rights and comply with the “Act of Gender Equality in Employment”, “no child labor” principle, “Sexual Harassment Prevention Act”, “elimination of employment discrimination and all forms of forced labor”, and “entitlement to freedom of association”. We ensure equal opportunity for career development regardless of gender, race, religion, political affiliation, marital status, membership of organizations and trade unions.

Onshore Employee

All 106 employees receive annual performance evaluation periodically. Apart from reviewing the performance indicators biannually, we provide a platform for senior and junior department officers to communicate with employees for a department to establish a topdown review and feedback mechanism to effectively assess current and future career development.

Sea Crew

Sea crews are evaluated by position. To develop proprietary senior sea crews, we constantly promote young captains and chief engineers and select or externally recruit appropriate candidates for training. In 2018, we promoted 10 captains and 9 chief engineers. In addition, in response to the changes in the seaman market of different countries, we have progressive adjusted the proportion of sew crews by nationality and increased hiring Myanna ratings and interns of Filipino officers to diversify our fleet.