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Fleet Safety Management


To enhance maritime safety and reduce marine accidents have always been the major concern of shippers and improving maritime safety can enhance shipping safety. As the factors affecting maritime safety are manifold, including ship collisions, maritime conflicts, weather and stranding. Alongside with inconvenient medical services, onboard OHS risk onboard is way higher than that of onshore OHS risk onboard. We began the collaborative development of the “Digital FSM System” with Ericsson as of 2016. By the end of 2018, we equipped all proprietary bulk carriers with the IoS safety system with the “collision warning” and “piracy prediction” functions to significantly enhance ship safety. In 2019 we further upgraded fleet safety by adding functions including “weather information,” “floating anchors warning” and “risk area display” to optimize marine information and reduce accidents related to weather and marine meteorology. (text in amber is supplementary description)