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Education (Job Experience) Background



C. K. Ong

Bachelor of Industrial and Business Management, Nanyang University, Republic of Singapore


Executive Vice President

Jeff Hsu

Master of Design Methods,
Illinois Institute of Technology


Senior Vice President,

President's Office

James Wu

Master of Shipping Technology,
National Taiwan Ocean University



President's Office

Robert Kao

Master of System Engineering and Naval Architecture, National Taiwan University


Senior Vice President,

President's Office

Bismark Chang

Master of Business Administration,

Tunghai University


Vice President,

 Administration Division

Alex Chen

Master of Business Administrate School of Business, Oklahoma City University


Special Assistant to President, Occupational Safety & Health Division

HC Chen

Executive Master of Business Administration,

National Chengchi University


General Manager,

Financial Division

Richard Wang

Bachelor of Department of International Business

Soochow University


General Manager,

 Auditing Division

Surina Tsai

EMBA, Far Eastern Industry University, College of Management, Yuan Ze University


General Manager,

Business Division

JH Chu

Bachelor of Marine,

Chinese Cultural University


General Manager,

Marine Division

Jerry Liu

Bachelor of Marine Mechanical Engineering,

R.O.C. Naval Academy


General Manager,

Engineering & Material Division

RH Chang

Master of Merchant Marine,
National Taiwan Ocean University