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Remuneration & Welfare

Employees are the most important assets for U-Ming. We set up the Remuneration Committee, which holds meetings regularly to review the staff remuneration level. Also we set up the Employee Welfare Committee for planning and promoting affairs related to welfare. Moreover, we organize leisure, travel and relaxation activities on festivals and holidays in addition to birthday gifts, movie tickets and travel allowances, we hope employees could have physical and mental relaxation and health nourishment in their spare time. Furthermore, we care for the employees' family as much as employees. U-Ming has a scholarship program for the employees and their children, and also provide wedding, funeral and hospital allowance.


The remuneration level is evaluated based on the employee's education background, working experience, competency and individual performance. The base salary doesn't vary with the gender, race, religion, political stance, marital status and trade union community. The average remuneration and welfare of all employees in 2017 met the industrial level. For the Onshore employee, the standard salary for both males and females was 1.6 times higher than the minimum salary stipulated by the local laws. For the junior seamen, the salary amount provided by the ships with Singapore flag was just at the minimum salary level stipulated by the agreement of Singapore Seamen's Union, while the ships with other countries' flag provided the salary higher than the minimum amount stipulated by the agreement of Seamen's Union in that country (Taiwan flag: 2.4 times, Hong Kong flag: 1.2 times).





Employee benefits
U-Ming adopts a humanistic, flexible working hour system and provides two days off every week. For sick leave taken for the first 30 days, a month's salary will be given. For sick leave taken from 31-90 days, half a month's pay will be given. This benefit is much better than the regulation of the Labor Standards Act. Moreover, the employees are encouraged to apply for parental leave, family care leave, and paternity leave so as to care for the family. In 2017 the number of employees applying for parental leave increased greatly as compared to that of the previous year.




Maternal and Child friendly Workplace
To encourage childbirth, the female employees are granted with the above leave types. Moreover, the office is set up with a breastfeeding room. In addition, we cooperate with the near kindergartens in the name of Far Eastern Group for the preferential childcare service.


Employee Insurance and Retirement
Apart from labor insurance, employment insurance and national health insurance as required by laws, U-Ming purchases group life insurance and accident insurance for its employees. As for the pension system, it stipulates the Onshore employee/sea crew retirement regulations based on the related regulations of the local Labor Standards Act, Labor Pension Act and Seafarer Law, as well as the Maritime Act. For the Onshore employee in Taiwan, U-Ming sets aside a certain percentage of the salary and deposits it to the pension account in the institution designated by the government. We also hold Labor Pension Fund Supervisory Committee meeting on a quarterly basis to supervise and review the pension appropriation and utilization situation. For the employees that come under the Labor Pension Act, it allocates pension of 6% based on the salary level as well as any voluntary contribution by the employee to the employee's personal pension account with the Bureau of Labor Insurance, so as to protect the rights and benefits of employees.


To strengthen the fellowship and the leisure activities after work, U-Ming organized aerobic exercise courses which is open to all employees.